Chestnut Teal Limited Release Apera (750ml)

Mildura, Victoria, AUSTRALIA
$24. 99
$299.88 Dozen
ABV: 17.5%
Named after the native duck found along the Murray River, this medium sweet style was originally produced by Mildara Wines in the early 1950s but ceased in 1998. Ahead of its 65th birthday, the Australian icon has been relaunched by two sherry advocates, Darren Rogers and Peter Stone.

“Our hope is that Chestnut Teal will continue to be appreciated as not only an icon of the Australian wine industry, but as a wonderful drink for any occasion,” Mr Stone said.

He adds, “It was the weapon of choice after work every night.”

The aim has been to recreate the drink in the most authentic manner possible with reports suggesting it looks and tastes identical to the original article. Expect a sweet wine with a drying finish, with flor sherry notes integrated with nutty rancio and a rounded mouthfeel. A lovely aperitif served at room temperature or slightly chilled. 17.5% Alc./Vol.