Ceretto Grappa Di Dolcetto

Piedmont, ITALY
$120. 00
$1440.00 Dozen

Notes sourced from Enoteca Sileno

Grape variety: 100% Dolcetto
Region: The north west region of Piemonte in the area around the villages of Barbaresco and Barolo.
Production: A small vapour steam boiler is filled with freshly fermented grape mark. The vapour begins to rise at 80°C that includes the alcohol and other materials that enrich the grappa. In the column where the vapour forms into droplets the vapour is cooled and further vapourised many times.
The first distillation formed in the condenser (the head) is discarded. In the central phase the heart of the Grappa, rich in substance and aroma is formed. In the final phase (the tail) is also discarded. With fresh grape mark the cycle of distillation can recommence.
Obtained from the Dolcetto marc, this is a delicate grappa in which the alcoholic impact is not sharp and final but is softened by the sweetness of the flavour and the delicacy of the aromas which are clearly characteristic of the vine it is made from.

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