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Calisay Original Herbal Liqueur (700ml)

Jerez, SPAIN
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ABV: 30%
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Calisay is a Spanish brand of quinine herbal liqueur. Quinine is found naturally in the cinchona calisaya tree (Peruvian shrub or small tree having large glossy leaves and cymes of fragrant yellow to green or red flowers; cultivated for its medicinal bark) and is identifiable as the main form of bitterness found in many well known herbal liqueurs such as: Ferro China and China-Martini. The brandy based spirit is steeped with the bark and other herbs including cinnamon, sweetened and then aged in oak casks before bottling. Enjoy Calisay as a digestive, or as exciting variant to a cocktail recipe.

Other reviews... Pretty amber/orange color; flawless purity. Smells upfront of tangy, earthy, woodsy cinchona bark after the pour; another seven minutes of aeration merely maintains the focus on cinchona. Entry is very sweet and syrupy and earthy/root-like/botantical, even medicinal; midpalate is one-note cinchona, but there’s an appetizing element to the taste profile that’s gently sweet and amazingly earthy simultaneously. Concludes quite good and zesty. An able and tasty digestif. Recommended. - spiritjournal.com

Cocktail Recipe: The Calisay Cocktail
-35ml calisay
-35ml sweet vermouth
-1 dash sugar syrup

Stir in mixing glass with ice & strain. Serve in a traditional cocktail glass.