Cadenheads Green Label Overproof Jamaican White Rum (700ml)

$140. 00 Bottle
$1680.00 Dozen
ABV: 63%
Great to see high proof white rums making there way to our shores. Those from the island of Jamaica are considered the "Queens of funk", a title earned for their high ester count that can yield aromas and flavours of pineapple, overripe banana and stone fruits. Just 102 bottles of this non chill filtered Cadenhead's beauty have been released. Its plush green and canary yellow packaging evokes tropical rum punches and Tiki cocktails. Because it's so powerful, mixologists liken its use to salt in cooking. Says one: "Sometimes you need a little salt; it makes everything better. I’ll often add a quarter-ounce or a few dashes of overproof white rum to cocktails that need a little oomph.” Very limited stocks.

Notes from Cadenheads... Nose: Sweet, honey roasted peanuts, melon, candied ginger, fennel, rosemary and faint cherry cough medicine. Flavour: More ginger spice with caramel, apple struddle. Pistachio nuts, clotted cream and soft spearmint with warming spice. Finish: Very herbal with lingering soft spice, black pepper, star anise, corriander and fennel before becoming more fruit - satsumas and grapeskins.