Cachaca 51 Cachaca (700ml)

$49. 99
$599.88 Dozen
ABV: 40%

Produced as early as 1532, Cachaça is considered a national drink amongst Brazilians who consume an astonishing two billion litres a year. Added to this figure are annual exports of 9.3 million litres which ranks Chacaça as the fourth largest selling distilled liquor in the world. It is the basis of the Caipirinha (pronounced Kaay-peer-REEN-ya), which became one of the worlds most popular cocktails towards the end of the millennium leading to a world Cachaça shortage. The spirit has been in huge demand in Australia for some time with many bars using White Rum as an inferior substitute.

Cachaça is a sugar cane distillate, which is similar to white rum. However, it is not made of molasses but from the juice of unrefined sugar cane of which only the first pressings are used. A maturing process of several weeks in wooden vats allows the flavour to unfold completely, making the taste of Cachaça lighter and smoother than that of many types of rum. It is subsequently an ideal base for cocktails. Cachaça 51(40%alc.vol.) is one of four thousand brands of Chacaça currently available in Brazil. Next to the "Caipirinha" the most popular cocktail to mix with Cachaça is the Batida (Pronounced Bah-Chee-Da:)

Using a highball glass, this classic can be made from a wide variety of fruit, including strawberry, mango, peach, passionfruit and guava.
Add 60 ml. of Cachaça, sugar to taste and freshly squeezed lemon juice.
Blend with a selection of fruits and crushed ice.
A dash of Margarita mix can be added if desired.

Cachaça also lends a certain Brazilian exoticism to other drinks such as cola and orange juice.

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