British Navy Pussers Rum Nelson's Blood Hip Flask (200ml)

$44. 99
$539.88 Dozen
ABV: 42%

Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson, Royal Navy, one of the world's greatest fighting admirals, never lost a major battle. At Trafalgar on October 21st, 1805, although outnumbered, he defeated the combined navies of Spain and France. In this fierce battle that would determine who ruled the waves for the century that followed, Nelson sank or captured 19 of the enemy while losing not a single British ship. Unfortunately, at the age of 47, he was mortally wounded and died three hours before the end of the battle with the knowledge that victory was his. For the journey home, his body was carried on board HMS VICTORY, his flagship. Legend has it that to preserve it during the long voyage, they placed him in a large cask of Pusser's Rum. Upon arrival in England, it was discovered that the jack tars (sailors) had drilled a small hole at the base of the cask and drank all the rum - thereby drinking of Nelson's Blood. This term is still widely used today by Navy and history buffs as their alternative name for Pusser's Rum.

This special porcelain flask bottling features traditional Royal Navy toasts on the back of the flask (the same that have been offered for more than 200 years). They are still offered today at dinner on board Royal Navy ships and shore installations. The four flag signal to "Splice the Main-brace", also featured, was flown to signify a double issue of rum. Today, to say to a friend, "Let's splice the main brace!" is akin to saying, "Let's have a drink!".

Other reviews... Deep amber color. Rubber sap, marinated vinegar, caramel taffy, ad brown spice aromas. A round entry leads to a glycerous off-dry medium-to full bodied palate with sherried brown spices, mineral spirits, roasted Brazil nuts, cedar, and toffee. Finishes with a touch of shellac, exotic peppercorn, and very spicy heat. A very hearty, traditional navy rum.
86 points (Highly Recommended) - t tastings.com