British Navy Pussers Rum 151 Overproof Navy Rum (700ml)
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British Navy Pussers Rum 151 Overproof Navy Rum (700ml)

$130. 00
$1560.00 Dozen
ABV: 75.5%

Note: the cork is susceptible to breaking when removing the stopper from this product. You may need a cork screw to remove the remaining cork from the neck of the bottle. Have a substitute cork or stopper on standby.

Matured for three years in first-fill Bourbon barrels and released at an eye-watering strength - as it was traditionally shipped to the Royal Navy victualling yards in Deptford, Gosport, and Devonport for blending and dilution. The nose opens with pungent Indian spices and evolves to molasses-drenched fruit cake, papaya, peel-heavy marmalade, dates, coffee beans and dark chocolate in a punchy but classic Demerara whiff that's ultimately Armagnac-like. Tasted without dilution, the flavours are intense, alcohol-charged, bittersweet, tropical, estery, resiny and complex. Tactile and almost unctuous to finish, striking a deeply satisfying balance in spite of the extreme ABV, this high-octane, gorilla of a rum guarantees to blast tropical cocktails into the stratosphere. Nothing has been added before bottling. (We recommend tasting, but not drinking it straight). 75.5% Alc./Vol.