Bombay Sapphire 47% London Dry Gin (750ml)

$54. 99
$659.88 Dozen
ABV: 47%

There's no doubt that alcohol strength plays an important role in flavour delivery. The most exciting taste experiences from spirits usually come from bottlings over 46% ABV. Unfortunately, tax laws in Australia mean that many mainstream spirits are marketed on price first, flavour second.

The temptation for producers to bottle at lower strengths is understandable. They know that their brand will fall into a different tax bracket, so they'll pay less, and ultimately appear more competitively priced to the consumer. The compromise is on flavour. So if you think you've tried Bombay, think again. This 47% bottling is the product everyone else is drinking around the world while we're sipping a second rate parody.

Other reviews... Clear. Grainy aromas of pepper bread, celery salt, floral talc, and faint frittata with a silky dry-yet-fruity medium-full body and a tangy, warming citrus marmalade, peppery spice and grassy earth accented finish. Well integrated and stylish. 47% Alc./Vol.
International Review of Spirits Award: Gold Medal
RATING: 92 points (Exceptional)
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