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Bols Corenwyn 6 Jaar Gelagerde (1000ml)

$89. 99
$1079.88 Dozen
ABV: 40%
Corenwyn is an alternative spelling of the generic 'kirenwijn', a high-malt Genever specialty. The style, 'corenwyn' translates as 'grain wine', referring to the high proportion of malt wine (at least 51%) used in the blend. Only Bols is permitted to use Corenwyn as a brand name because it was Lucas Bols himself who first created the drink back in 1575. The term was reserved for the very finest distillations of grain. This 6 year old (6 Jaar Gelagerde) release was launched in 2009 as a limited edition.

Other reviews... Only the maturation of this variant of Bols Corenwyn takes place in two types of oak casks; both French Limousin and American oak...

Appearance: (bottle No. 035099) Clear, buttery yellow with a hint of green. Aroma: Sweet herbal nose with vanilla, tree bark, ground coriander and thyme. Taste: Silky, slight oily mouth feel, yet dry, spicy and herbal with juniper and light woodiness. Aftertaste: Angelica, ground coriander and nutty balsawood finish with lingering pine flavours.
Outstanding. 5+ Stars. - www.diffordsguide.com