Bokma Jonge Genever (Jenever) (1000ml)
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Bokma Jonge Genever (Jenever) (1000ml)

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ABV: 35%
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Jonge Genever is one of the more popular distilled spirits in the Netherlands. Its basis is a "Malt wine," distilled from a mixture of wheat, corn, rye, and barley. The production of this malt wine mirrors the production of Scotch whisky through the first distillation, which the Scots call "low wines" and the Dutch call "malt wine." An essential ingredient is juniper berries. Distillers make the final product in several stages, using herbs, neutral spirits, and different quantities of juniper berries according to each distilleries secret recipe.

There are two main types of Genever: ‘Oude’ (Old) and ‘Jonge’ (Young). This is not a matter of aging, but of distilling techniques. Around 1900 the Coffey Still (Patent Still) made it possible to produce an almost neutral tasting high-grade alcohol, independent of the origin of the spirit. A worldwide trend towards lighter tasting spirits as well as lower prices, led to blended whisky in Great Britain, and its counterpart in the Netherlands was 'Jonge Genever'. During the World Wars, lack of imported cereals and hence malt, forced the continued promotion of this Gin. People started using the term ‘Oude’ for the old-style Genever and ‘Jonge’ for the new style, while still employing juniper berries, it contains more grain instead of malt and can even contain plain sugar-based alcohol.

Originally a family operated business, Freerk Klazes Bokma gained the rights to establish a distillery in 1894. Later in 1971 Bokma entered into a joint venture with Heineken enhancing its distribution network which enabled Bokma to become one of the Netherlands most beloved spirits.

An interesting fact when contemplating the use of genever, In 1862 a celebrity bartender by the name of Jerry Thomas produced the world's first cocktail and bartending book titled "The Bar-tenders Guide or How To Mix Drinks". In there appeared recipes based around four basic cocktail spirits being brandy, rum, whisky and not surprisingly, Genever the classic predecessor of London Dry Gin.

Enjoy Jonge Genever straight from the freezer, in a cocktail or traditionally with a cold lager beer as a chaser; referred to as a kopstoot ("headbutt").

Below are a few cocktail recipes to try at home

Recipe: Dutch Trade Winds

60ml of Bokma Jonge Genever
15ml shot of Dutch Curacao
15ml shot of lemon juice
Sugar syrup to taste

Shake with crushed ice and serve in a chilled cocktail glass.

Recipe: Amsterdam

In a shaker with ice cubes:
45ml of Bokma Jonge Genever
15ml cocktail glass of triple sec
15ml cocktail glass of orange juice

Shake well and serve in a chilled cocktail glass