Bob's Abbotts Bitters (100ml)

$42. 99
$515.88 Dozen
ABV: 40%
C.W. Abbott's Angostura Bitters were originally produced in Baltimore in the 19th century, but soon became popular across America adding a unique spiced note to cocktails such as the Manhattan. After a court ordered a change of name due to legal action brought by Angostura Bitters combined with the difficulties of prohibition and restriction on the use of tonka bean, Abbott's bitters ceased production in the 1950s and faded into obscurity. What had become a forgotten relic became a mystery to be unraveled by intrepid cocktailians on the DrinkBoy forums in the mid-2000s.

With no recorded recipe for the original Abbott's Bitters, Bob set about recreating this old classic through careful tasting and testing of a surviving original bottle supplied by renowned bartender, Jake Burger of Portobello Star, London. Bob and Jake’s reformulated version of Abbotts Bitters took five years to perfect and uses a variety of aromatics including lively peppermint, sweet cinnamon, and warming spices. To make it truly sublime, one or two secret ingredients steeped in Scotch whisky are also added to Bob and Jake’s 21st century recipe. Once filtered, the bitters are aged for six months in a medium-charred American white oak barrel. The resulting liquid brings an age-old product back to the modern bartender’s toolkit, with a distinctive, well-rounded flavour profile.

The result is a rich and delicious collection of sassafras, cinnamon, vanilla, clove, cassia, gentian and nutmeg best enjoyed in a Manhattan, Old Fashioned, or El Presidente. Use whenever an aromatic bitters is called for. 40% Alc./Vol.