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    Blue Ribbon Dry Gin (700ml)

    $79. 99 Bottle
    $959.88 Dozen
    ABV: 40%

    Founded in 2005, Oposit wines & spirits is an 'alliance' of northern and southern Europe, uniting the passion of two wine and spirit enthusiasts: Bent Karlsen from Norway and Gautier Beau de Loménie from France.

    Blue Ribbon is a five times distilled, pure grain gin produced in a micro-distillery. The bain-marie distillation process using fourteen botanicals including thyme, coriander, Iris root and Jamaican pepper gives an exceptional mouth feel to the final blend.

    Tasting notes: Clear, silvery appearance. Aromatics are fresh and herbal at first with rooty, earthy overtones; thyme, blackpepper and then sweet berry / citrus oil notes emerge. Starts soft, building to a medium dry, concentrated profile including bracing flavours of lavender, thyme and white pepper which adds a wonderfully soft spiciness throughout. Pure, gently warming spirit. Concludes clean and dry with a mineral, talc, rose petal fade and excellent persistence. A beautifully integrated and invigorating Gin that's just too easy to drink. 40% Alc./Vol.

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