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Black Tomato Gin (500ml)

$79. 99
$959.88 Dozen
ABV: 42.3%
Probably not ideal for G&Ts but fascinating nonetheless. Black Tomato gin is produced at Kampen Distillery, Holland in a small fishermen’s village with a long tradition of mussel fishing. A few drops of water from the coastal location makes it into every bottle, otherwise it's black tomatoes to the fore, alongside juniper berries and one 'secret botanical'. The tomatoes are plucked from the bushes and smashed with neutral spirit. The liquid is then filtered and distilled. Juniper and the secret botanical are also processed as separate distillates, and the three spirits are combined before the purified salt water is added. The whole is finally stretched out using grain alcohol.

Produced in batches of around 3000 bottles, it comes charmingly presented in a stumpy matt black bottle. Some consider it an ideal accompaniment to seafood.

Tasting note: Clear. Opening pass evokes tinned Romas, fresh tomato juice, Bloody Marys... 2-3 minutes of swirling doesn't budge the bouquet beyond the keynote - except perhaps a vaguely coastal edge? More like a well-made flavoured vodka than anything remotely gin-like - semi sweet tomato relish and a spicy finish. Once again, great for Bloody Marys. No need to add anything here, except juniper if you want something that resembles gin. 42.3% Alc./Vol.