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Bertrand Uberach Biersky 3 Year Old Eaux de Vie & Single Malt French Whisky Blend (500ml)

Alsace, FRANCE
$119. 99
$1439.88 Dozen
ABV: 44.4%

[2017 release] Smelling like a barrel-aged grappa, this novel spirit blends Alsatian beer eau-de-vie with Alsatian malt whisky. It's oaky then fruity with spiced plum, mixed fruit muesli and raisins on the nose and early into the delivery. The middle stage is medium bodied with a creamy, appetising vibrancy, finishing more like a typical single malt, while the raisiny / grappa character returns through the aftertaste. Very European. 44.4% Alc./Vol. 393 bottles