Berry Bros & Rudd The Classic Range Guatemala Rum (700ml)
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Berry Bros & Rudd The Classic Range Guatemala Rum (700ml)

$79. 99 Bottle
$959.88 Dozen
ABV: 40.5%

Better known as an independent bottler of high quality Scottish grains and malts, Berry Bros. & Rudd's collection now extends into rums, representing a range of countries from Jamaica and Barbados to Mauritius and Fiji. These can vary greatly in smell and taste: spicy or fruity, white or dark, smoky or bright. Though broadly speaking, for BBR, there are three distinctive styles which have been shaped by historical colonial forces: British, French and Spanish. Rums made in English-speaking regions, such as Barbados and Belize, tend to be heavier and richer in style. Those made in French-speaking areas, such as Haiti, are likely to be leafy and smoky; while Spanish-speaking countries, such as Nicaragua and Guatemala, are likely to produce a lighter, brighter style of rum. In this example, the spirit offers an intriguingly restrained nose, with notes of baklava, crepe bandage and marginally undercooked arrowroot biscuits, with maybe a hint of curry leaf. The palate is dominated by sugar cane, although pleasingly dry on a finish where any wood is beautifully smothered in cane honey. Mojitos all round, please! 40.5% Alc./Vol.