Berry Bros & Rudd The Classic Range Barbados Rum (700ml)
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Berry Bros & Rudd The Classic Range Barbados Rum (700ml)

$79. 99 Bottle
$959.88 Dozen
ABV: 40.5%

The Barbados edition is just one in BBR's first batch of value, entry-level rums which also includes Jamaica, Guatemala and Nicaragua. Predictably, it hails from the acclaimed Foursquare distillery. A blend of pot and column distilled components bottled at an accessible 40.5%, expect a lighter style with attractive notes of honey, ripe banana and melon.

Other reviews... I’m judging the rum alongside something like the 3 year old Neptune Rum and Doorly’s 5 Year Old. My initial impressions based on the price point and nose is that this is likely a blend of rums aged between 3-5 years. With the majority of that time (say less a year) being in Barbados. Sipped this is a pretty spicy affair. Lots of oak spice, ginger and more than a touch of bitterness. It’s a very dry rum. The initial sip is quite deceptive as further sips of this rum reveal a lot more of the rum. There is a lot more sweetness on the second and third sip with some really nice notes of toffee, dark chocolate and some cashew nuts. Finish wise it’s a little short in terms of flavour. The oak and spiced linger for a fair period but the tastier aspects of the rum quickly fade. All in all it’s a nicely balanced glass of rum but it isn’t anywhere near as complex as something from the Exceptional Cask Series. In terms of profile it is probably closest to Doorly’s 5 and 8. It’s unfussy, uncomplicated and a fairly straightforward, easy going Barbados rum. -