Benedictine D.O.M Le Directeur Liqueur (680ml) - 1970s Bottling
  • Discontinued

Benedictine D.O.M Le Directeur Liqueur (680ml) - 1970s Bottling

Fecamp, FRANCE
$150. 00 Bottle
$1800.00 Dozen
ABV: 43%

Something of an historical curio, the unusual 680ml format suggests this was on the market decades ago - probably circa 1970. One only from a private collection. Shows some minor scuffing and label lift. An identical bottle at a slightly lower ABV was tasted by (review below).

Other reviews... From a stash of the kinds of old bottles that anyone in France would have hidden in grandma's old Henri-II cupboard. Bénédictine is a very old herbal liqueur made in Fécamp, Normandy. These old bottles are fetching high monies at auctions these days, almost like Chartreuses. Think around 250€. Colour: straw. Nose: wow, now I understand why those 250€. Fantastic aniseed-led development on many herbs, woodruff (what, again?), fennel seeds, star anise, liquorice, cumin, with touches of green bananas, honeydew, bamboo shoots, gentian again and again, perhaps a drop of moutai… Wonderful nose, and I'm no liqueur guy. I may like this better than chartreuse. Mouth: perhaps a wee tad too much on the sweet side, but other than that, it is liquid liquorice, with some menthol, agave syrup, pine extracts, bitter oranges, and hundreds of small herbs from our woods and meadows. Don't monks make this? Finish: long, perhaps a wee tad soapy, as many herbal liqueurs can be in my book, but it is not cologne-y. A feeling of Gravenstein eau-de-vie. Comments: huge surprise here at Château Whiskyfun. probably around 88 points. -