Beluga Allure Vodka (700ml)

$125. 00
$1500.00 Dozen
ABV: 40%
Produced on the outskirts of Siberia, 300 km from the nearest settlement. The highly desired Beluga Vodka is built on a foundation of malt spirit which undergoes the processes of quartz filtration and post-sand filtration before enduring a thirty day maturation period.

This extravagantly packaged, 'leather bound' special edition is based on a recipe that includes maple syrup and fig extract.

Tasting note: Clear. Pillow soft with faint scents of mineral, pepper and cream. A water-like entry follows through to brisk, low key flavours of citrus and meringue closing semi-sweet, creamy, then dry. Nearly neutral. 40% Alc./Vol.