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Beltion Amaretto Liqueur (700ml)

$47. 99
$575.88 Dozen
ABV: 28%

The Beltion brand was born after the second world war when Giacomo Gianandrea began selling his production of almond milk. The name (and the milk) soon became popular throughout Southern Italy. Fast forward to 1995, when his children set up a modern operation with a view to extend the brand to a wider range of cordials and spirits from the classic Italian repertoire. These include Sambuca, Anice, Amaro and an unusual expression of a liqueur standard, 'Opera Beltion White Amaretto'.

Tasting note: Deep polished copper appearance. Lifted notes of fresh marzipan and cocoa issue from the glass. Several minutes exposure accentuates milk chocolate along with hints of vanilla and manuka honey. A thick, creamy entry leads into a sweet, concentrated marzipan and manuka honey profile that's nicely balanced at the finish by drying spices. Cinnamon, vanilla and almond continue into the lengthy aftertaste. 28% Alc./Vol.