Baumann Teufels Krauter Devil's Herb Liqueur (500ml)

$92. 99
$1115.88 Dozen
ABV: 50%

Traditionally, Tyrolean farmers have turned fruit, herbs, roots and berries into spirits, 'elixirs of life' and household remedies. The Baumann company preserves the knowledge and insights from the past in the creation of their speciality range of herbal spirits. Herb gatherers and farming specialists supply plants, roots, seeds and berries from the alpine valleys and mountain pastures of Tyrol. These are then prepared in alcohol. By careful maceration and distillation, the vitality of each unique ingredient is preserved. The "Devil's Herb" Liqueur is a full strength "Fire Liqueur" offering the option of lowering the extraordinarily high alcohol volume (50%) by igniting your drink. With customary German precision, alcohol content and burning periods have been calculated and appear on the reverse label:

3 minute fire : alc. 45% alc/vol.
5 minute fire : alc 42% alc/vol.
10 minute fire : 33% alc/vol.