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Balcones Rumble Spirit Specialty (750ml)

$160. 00
$1920.00 Dozen
ABV: 47%
Balcones continue their innovative course with this one-of-a-kind Texas spirit made from local wildflower honey, mission figs and turbinado sugar and aged to perfection in small oak barrels. It defies categorisation, both in ingredients as well as the final flavour with elements reminiscent of tequila, scotch, young cognac and rum. Be the first to try it! 47% Alc./Vol.

Awarded a Silver medal at the 2010 San Francisco International Spirits Competition

Tasting note: Deep brassy gold. Sweet spices feature with cinnamon, vanilla and manuka honey amid hints of pepper. Remains fairly subdued with no great change after several minutes in the glass, with the exception of added honey sweetness. A light entry leads into a concentrated, somewhat hollow mid palate that’s carried by the spirit warmth. Finish is more like spiced rum, with sweet spices, dilute honey and mocha notes lingering in the aftertaste. The flavours are not easily pinned down, but the gist of this is somewhere between young bourbon and a decent spiced rum. 47% Alc./Vol.