Balcones Cask Strength Texas Rum (750ml) - 58.5%
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Balcones Cask Strength Texas Rum (750ml) - 58.5%

$160. 00 Bottle
$1920.00 Dozen
ABV: 58.5%

Balcones are better known for their sizeable single malts. Few are aware that they diversified into rum back in 2013. It's taken a while to get the formula right, but this is getting closer. Initially dense, woody and closed, the aroma needs time to pick up steam, developing with notes of dried mango, molasses cake, cinnamon and ginger bread. Bristling wood spices and nipping alcohol come with the territory, however classic Demerara flavours like fruit cake, cinnamon, bitter dark chocolate and dry molasses only gain definition at the last. While it shows impressive staying power, overall, this remains an understated, unadulterated style that could be mistaken for a rum-finished version of their single malt (perhaps they've matured this in x-single malt casks?) For that reason it should entertain malt whisky drinkers and rum enthusiasts in equal measure. 58.5% Alc./Vol. Non chill filtered