Ardbeg Hypernova 2022 Committee Release Single Malt Scotch Whisky (700ml)
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Ardbeg Hypernova 2022 Committee Release Single Malt Scotch Whisky (700ml)

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ABV: 51%

A logical progression to the Supernova series that ran from 2009-2019, Hypernova is Ardbeg's peatiest expression to date. Sporting phenol levels in excess of 170 ppm, expect nothing less than a peat bomb. It's also another exclusive to the Ardbeg Committee (the distillery’s fan club) as well as Ardbeg Embassies around the globe - of which Nicks Wine Merchants are one.

“This is without a doubt the smokiest Ardbeg ever,” said Dr. Bill Lumsden, Ardbeg director of distilling and whisky creation. “We wanted to really push the boundaries this time and boldly go where Ardbeg has never ventured before. A hypernova is a collapsing star explosion so powerful it threatens the fabric of the galaxy – while I don’t think this whisky will tear a hole in space and time, it’s certainly bursting with fantastically peaty flavour.” Bottled at 51% ABV, official tasting notes are below.

Notes from the producers... Color: Pale Straw. Aroma: Powerful, pungent, almost brutal in its intensity, with waves of tar, smoke, sea salt and an almost ‘barnyard’ aroma in the background. There is some restrained fruitiness, reminiscent of flowering blackcurrants, and very pungent burst of peppermint. Water releases some more rounded top notes, with a touch of lavender and a chocolaty sensation, before finally returning to the curious, savoury barnyard smell. Taste: An explosive, peppery mouthfeel leads into a most curious juxtaposition of flavours sweet chocolate, cooling peppermint, pungent peat smoke, bitter almonds, and then a hugely long, lingering burst of spices like aniseed and clove. Finish: The enormous, heavy smoke is always present and even as the aftertaste starts to build, the aromatic, heathery smoke never fades, it remains right to the very end.