Arctic Blue Gin (500ml)
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Arctic Blue Gin (500ml)

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ABV: 46.2%

Fallout from 'peak gin' continues with yet another premium brand sacrificed. Take advantage!

Launched in 2017 and created by Master Distiller, Arko Ryynänen and Michelin starred chef, Jaakko Sorsa, the Arctic Blue Gin range is distilled at Nordic Premium Beverages Distillery located in the small village of Ilomantsi in Eastern Finland. The company behind the operation is also the country's oldest winery. Produced using botanicals from the freezing northern regions of Finland, Arctic Blue has been described as "like walking through a wild bilberry forest on a misty morning." Boasting powerful aromas of juniper, liquorice root, grapefruit and tart red berries, it's a medium to full-bodied, vibrant, warming gin with piney juniper, coriander seed, citrus zest and a burst of white pepper adding length and depth to the palate. Wild berries from the forests of North-Karelia are key botanicals, and the berry notes are amplified with minimal water (or tonic), which also turns the gin cloudy white. Non-chill filtered. 46.2% Alc./Vol. Batch #33 tasted from a 30ml sample.

Other reviews... Awarded double-gold medal in 2018 at the World Spirits Awards. Best gin and Spirit of the Year 2018.

...Arctic Blue Gin delivers an abundance of Nordic character with fragrant pine notes, subtly fruity bilberry and delicate florals. These three pillars of the flavour profile are beautifully supported with undertones of cardamom, coriander seeds and anise, and the mouthfeel is smooth, full and crisp. With Tonic Water, the piney juniper notes are elevated further alongside floral rose, while the bilberry character brings a very gentle sweetness that lingers enjoyably. It is a skilfully constructed and characterful gin that certainly transports your mind to the pine forests of Finland. - Paul Jackson,