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    Arak Al Rayan Special Blend Arak (600ml)

    $64. 99 Bottle
    $779.88 Dozen
    ABV: 50.5%
    Like other Eastern Mediterranean countries, Syria’s national tipple is Arak. As one tourist noted, “Arak in Syria is like whisky in Scotland or wine in France. There’s a bottle on every table.” However local conflict has meant supplies have been erratic, both in its homeland and overseas. Sometimes referred to as Ouzo, the spirit is distilled from fermented white grapes with aniseeds. The aroma is like dipping your nose into a bag of star anise, but there's hints of liquorice strap, fennel and menthol too. On the palate it's all about juicy, semi-sweet anise and fresh liquorice flavours with a little kick from the alcohol. The aniseed stays with you, long after the first sip. 50.5% Alc./Vol. Louches with water.