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Antioqueno Aguardiente Traditional (750ml)

$54. 99
$659.88 Dozen
ABV: 29%
Aguardiente Antioqueno is Colombia's and the world's largest selling Aguardiente. It is the nation's traditional drink, related closely to the regional celebrations and constumbres of the Colombian people, specially in Antioch where the farmers incorporate it to their own tastes.

A natural anise-flavoured spirit derived from sugar cane distillate, the drink's popularity has been strong since the Spanish era, maintained in the Andean regions of Columbia, but not so often drunk in cocktails, rather usually enjoyed neat as a shot.

Tasting note: Clear slightly viscous appearance. Moderately dry, light, pure aromas of anise lead into a relaxed, refreshingly dry anise driven delivery. Concludes clean and feather-light with an aftertaste that borders on neutral. A simple pleasure. 29% Alc./Vol.