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Adnam's Copper House Distillery First Rate Gin (700ml)

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ABV: 48%

Copper House gin is distilled from three locally-grown grains: barley, wheat and oats. Adnams Masterbrewer, Fergus Fitzgerald, makes a beer 'wash' from these grains which is fermented to around 6% abv without the addition of hops. Head distiller, John McCarthy, then takes this beer and puts it through a 'beer stripping' column which removes all the alcohols to create a 'low wine'. The 'low wines' are subsequently distilled in a hand-made copper rectification columns to create a clean, pure spirit. The spirit is then returned to the copper pot still to be redistilled and infused with thirteen carefully chosen botanicals. John spent several months experimenting with different blends to create the signature First Rate flavour with integrated aromas of juniper berries, spice and fresh citrus. 48% Alc./Vol.

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