2017 Quintarelli Primofiore

    Veneto, ITALY
    $130. 00 Bottle
    $1560.00 Dozen
    ABV: 13.5%
    Closure: Cork

    Giuseppe Quintarelli was known as ‘the Master of the Veneto’, and is the name behind one of the most renowned estates in Italy. Sadly, Giuseppe passed away in early 2012 and he leaves behind a legacy of producing remarkable wines with an outstanding philosophy, to his eldest daughter who continues to carry on the tradition of this great estate. With their easily recognisable hand scripted labels, these wines offer at glimpse into one of the world’s most faithful artisanal winemakers who was an ultimate believer in letting nature do her thing and in order for wines to reach their ultimate potential these wines were only released when he deemed them to be ready.

    Translated to “first flower”, Primofiore is the youngest of the wines of Quintarelli released each year. The mix here is Corvione, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cabernet Franc where most of the grapes are directly pressed except for the Cabernet which undergoes air drying for around five weeks. A hallmark of Primofiore is its freshness and vibrant nature, and this highly aromatic wine is the perfect introduction to the charms of Quintarelli.