2014 Holmes Cay Clarendon EMB Single Cask 8 Year Old Cask Strength Jamaica Rum (750ml)
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2014 Holmes Cay Clarendon EMB Single Cask 8 Year Old Cask Strength Jamaica Rum (750ml)

$199. 00
$2388.00 Dozen
ABV: 61%

The third Holmes Cay rum to be imported this year is an independent bottling of 2014 pure pot distillate from Clarendon Distillery in Lionel Town, Jamaica, tropically aged for eight years in ex-Bourbon casks before being transported to New York State for bottling without adulteration. Rum aficionados will note the EMB mark which indicates ester levels between 240-250 gr/HL AA. That's in the medium range of the distillery's output, yet tasting it you might think otherwise. Beyond the remarkably lifted aromatics, there's a dense core of over-ripe tropical fruit and funk that's all the more notable given that no dunder was used in the ferment. At a whopping 61% ABV in 750ml bottles, this well-balanced, characterful, all-natural beauty lands at a reasonable asking price that's guaranteed to tempt purists. 

Notes from the importers... Nose: Lots of luscious, sweet, overripe tropical fruit salad at first, with bubblegum, maraschino cherry and vanilla notes bringing up the rear! Palate: Big and boisterous on the palate – the 61% is quite well behaved- but it’s still 61 frikkin percent! Unbelievably silky and viscous though, big waves of sweet fruit salad get matched with cloves, vanilla and other biscuit spices. Finish: For such a big rum, the finish definitely measures up – lot’s of oomph –but no ouch here. Lovely and warming, the various spices stand out as the sweetness dries. This is a BIG, boozelicious, funky rum that is incredibly (almost scarily) approachable for a 61% rum. A splash of water, or some ice will temper that some, but take care – the smooth integration of the alcohol is a trap! Lots of sweetness in this rum that is prevented from becoming sickly by a finish that dries out leaving your palate ready for another!