2013 Transcontinental Rum Line Jamaica WP (Worthy Park) 5 Year Old Navy Strength Jamaica Rum (700ml)

$165. 00 Bottle
$1980.00 Dozen
ABV: 57.18%

Launched in 2016, 'Transcontinental Rum Line' is a new brand from the French retailer, LMDW (La Maison du Whisky). Aimed at seducing lovers of high-end rum, the colourful packaging is inspired by rum trader's trips between the New World and the Old Continent. Evaporation rates were found to be lower when barrels were matured en route, rather than in the hot Caribbean climate, hence the trips were considered to have an economic advantage.

Similarly, LMDW's bottlings are first aged first in a tropical climate for 4-5 years then for up to 12 months in Europe. The cooler conditions slow the maturation process. This natural strength Jamaican edition is from the highly regarded Worthy Park distillery which re-opened in 2005. 57.18% Alc./Vol.