2011 Foursquare Exceptional Cask Selection 12 Year Old Full Proof Single Blended Rum (700ml)
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2011 Foursquare Exceptional Cask Selection 12 Year Old Full Proof Single Blended Rum (700ml)

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$2279.88 Dozen
ABV: 60%

“To drink Foursquare Rum, one must only possess a dream of tasting some of the finest things that money can buy…” -Warren Bobrow, Forbes.com

For those serious about rum, Foursquare needs no introduction. Within an industry dominated by corporations, marketing hype and additives, the distillery has become a byword for classic Caribbean styles. Master Blender and Distiller, Richard Seale continues to fight for transparency in production and labelling. His talent and drive led noted drinks authority, Fred Minnick to describe Foursquare as "the Pappy of rum."  The Exceptional Cask Selections are the personal passion of Seale, often delivering the kind of purity, poise and elegance at 60% that leans towards XO cognac. Give these sensational spirits time to breathe in order to experience them at their best.

The 24th release (Mark XXIV) for the Exceptional Cask Selection series has just arrived along with the very limited Covenant and Touchstone bottlings (both now sold out at the distillery and most of Europe). The 2011 vintage is a blend of traditional column and pot still rums aged for 12 years in ex-bourbon barrels and bottled at a high strength of 60% ABV. As with previous editions, this represents the most unique and coveted rum from the distillery. Seale's commitment to purity is maintained with no added sugar, colouring, or other additives and zero chill filtration.

Notes from the importers...  a bouquet of caramelised grapefruit, dark cocoa, butterscotch, clove, and allspice, then morphing into notes of sandalwood, brine, overripe pineapple, candied banana, and molasses, with hints, in the background, of apricot and plums. The palate is big, expressive, and rich, serving up, amid the almost unctuous unfolding, an array of tropical fruits and dried berries; there is an intricacy here, too, a kind of embroidered quality, with notes of black tea, citrus peel, and baking spices all making themselves felt. The finish is dry and lengthy, with a marvellous and subtle tannic quality.