2010 Compagnie des Indes Mauritius (Secret Distillery) 9 Year Old Rum (700ml)

$165. 00 Bottle
$1980.00 Dozen
ABV: 42%
Mauritian rums are slowly making their way to our shores. This one's from a single cask yielding 455 bottles at 43% Alc./Vol. The distillery is not disclosed.

Located off the coast of Madagascar, the island of Mauritius is a relative newcomer to the global rum scene. Sugar cane was introduced from Java during the Dutch period (1598-1710), mainly to produce an alcoholic drink. During his service in the 18th century, the French Governor, Bertrand-François Mahé de Labourdonnais, was the first to support the development of the rum industry in Mauritius. From 1810, the country became a British colony and gradually transformed itself into a plantation economy with sugarcane as the primary crop. Later, in 1852, Dr Pierre Charles François Harel saw opportunities to create quality rums on the island. Today, it's home to six distilleries and remains one of the few countries to offer both Traditional and Agricultural style rums, dark, light and spiced, the latter usually infused with the island's abundant local crops of spices and coffee.