1999 Plantation Guyana 18 Year Old Extreme No.2 Cask Strength Rum (700ml) - Uitvlugt Distillery

$299. 00
$3588.00 Dozen
ABV: 59.7%
Plantation's Extreme series is a collection of limited-edition rums that are "simply perfect in their natural state". The Master Blender adds, "Sometimes we find a rum barrel in our cellar that stands alone for its uniqueness of taste which can only be described as “extreme”. This cask is then set aside and bottled for its sheer exquisite essence, resulting in a very limited edition of what we call Plantation Extreme."

Distilled in March 1999 and bottled in September 2017 with a total outturn of 1000 bottles, this rum was created at Guyana's now-dismantled Uitvlugt distillery in March 1999 and then aged in bourbon casks for 15 years, before three further years of maturation in Cognac casks.

While Uitvlugt continues to operate as a sugar refinery and producer of molasses, the equipment used for rum production reportedly ceased operation in 2000. Not surprisingly, the rums have become quite collectible. 59.7% Alc./Vol. Very limited allocation.