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1998 Hardy's Vintage Port

$29. 99
$359.88 Dozen
Cellar: 10 - 20 Years (2016-2026)
ABV: 19%
Closure: Cork

Sales of Vintage Port have slipped badly in the last few decades, largely due to the misconception that like a bottle of wine, once opened, the existing contents of the bottle had to be consumed. The result is obvious - a massive hangover the following day. We suggest that you sip slowly over days or weeks.

Opaque black crimson colour and black crimson hue. Aroma of liquorice and spice with hints of marzipan and vanilla. The palate flavour profile has similarities to Portuguese Vintage Port style, being drier than the more traditional Australian interpretations of the style. Flavour of liquorice, spice and blackberry are mixed with fine dry brandy spirit, which creates a drying sensation on the palate. Excellent length and depth. Warm spicy spirit background. Long aftertaste of vanilla, liquorice all sorts and old brandy. A wine with considerable ageing potential.
Cellar 10-20 years (2016-2026)
Alc/Vol: 19%