1998 Bunnahabhain Manzanilla Cask Finish Feis Ile 2023 Cask Strength Single Malt Scotch Whisky (700ml)
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1998 Bunnahabhain Manzanilla Cask Finish Feis Ile 2023 Cask Strength Single Malt Scotch Whisky (700ml)

$599. 00
$7188.00 Dozen
ABV: 52.3%

Since the annual event began in 1986, Fèis Ìle has become a time for the coming together of friends from around the globe to celebrate all-things Islay. Boosting and lengthening the island's summer tourist season, the festival is also a magnet for whisky lovers. And what better way to celebrate than with a special dram dedicated to the island's most famous export? There can be dozens of Fèis Ìle bottlings every year, and not all of them are exclusive to visitors during the celebration. Both independents and larger players are putting their best foot forward with limited editions aimed at offering something a little bit special or out of the ordinary from their core range. Outturns can be anything from a few hundred to many thousands of bottles. In this example from Islay’s most northern distillery, known for unpeated, classically sherried single malts, Manzanilla sherry has been employed - a style that's coastal, salty and nutty - characteristics that are similar to Bunnahabhain's spirit. The harmonious match makes for a memorable distillery expression, building on the purity and poise found in the 2022 cask strength release. Presumably, well over two decades old, the Feis Ile 2023 edition is a nicely integrated whisky in which oily, sweet malt and cocoa combine with a nutty, briney edge. Sink yourself into the bouquet and there's flor sherry input that repeats on the palate giving authenticity and added nuttiness. It certainly tastes like well-aged whisky and the finish picks up on some of the earlier salted-chocolate character while spices add vibrancy. But the final hook is the price. Check out what this is selling for overseas (read AU $700+) and you'll notice that for once, Australia has got the better end of the stick. Rumour has it that the discrepancy is due to Bunnahabhain's owners, Distell Group, making a serious error on a premium allocation for Australia, so they did the importer a deal on this whisky by way of an apology. Distilled on the 28th October 1998 and filled into American oak casks then transferred into first-fill Manzanilla sherry casks in 2016, the official outturn is not stated. Tasted from a 30ml sample. 52.3% Alc./Vol. Non-chill filtered. Collectable.

Notes from the producers... Nose: Notes of freshly baked pastry with sweet almonds, rose petals, grapefruit and dried spices are balanced with a touch of mahogany and incense. Palate: Coastal influence of seaweed and fresh sea air are met with raisins and dates and intertwined with creamy fudge, waxed red apples and a warm sweet spice reminiscent of star anise. Finish: Spicy and aromatic with caramelised walnuts; the star anise fades to reveal lemon peel and pears with a lingering note of sea salt.