1996 Caroni 23 Year Old 'The Last' Full Proof Heavy Trinidad Rum (700ml)

$650. 00 Bottle
$7800.00 Dozen
ABV: 61.9%
In 2004, professional rum chaser Luca Gargano discovered a warehouse filled with barrels of Caroni's legendary heavy-ester rum. Since then, the last remaining stocks have been slowly released to global markets. This 39th bottling marks the culmination of Gargano's series, and the final Caroni from Velier. Distilled in 1996 and aged in Trinidad until 2008, then at Demerara Distillers Ltd in Guyana until 2019, the end compostion was made up from 24 barrels. 5522 bottles are on offer world wide. Australia has received a tiny allocation. Once these are gone, they're gone forever.

Established on the site of the sugar factory for which it was named, Caroni was famously a key ingredient of British Navy rations. Its famous 'Heavy' rums help to make up the signature flavour. Sadly, with the decline of the local sugar industry, distillers became more dependent upon imported molasses, making distilling less economical. In 2001 the Trinidadian government sold a 49% share in the holding company to Angostura, then in 2003 Caroni was finally closed forever. 61.9% Alc./Vol.