1994 Wetherall Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon

Coonawarra, South Australia, AUSTRALIA
$19. 95
$239.4 Dozen
Closure: Cork

Wetherall is one of Coonawarra's best kept secrets - The familyhave been growing grapes for the big boys for 28 years fromTerra Rossa blocks in the heart of Coonawarra, and the big boyshave been happily making exceptional Coonawarra Reds withouteven a whisper as to where the grapes have come from! The 1994Wetherall Cabernet is a Coonawarra masterpiece, vintaged from 30year old vines. Winemaker, Michael Wetherall oversees theviticulture of the family vineyards as well as managing thevineyards for Penley Estate. The grapes are mechanically spurpruned and harvested from dry land vineyards yielding a low 3.5tonnes per acre, thus creating wines of great concentration offlavour. Michael has produced 6 vintages to date - ofapproximately 2,500 - 3,000 cases each - as only 5% ofproduction is used - the balance is still sold off to the bigboys.Tasting Notes: Magnificent deep crimson ruby colour. The nose isquite complex, and clearly indicates a wine of great finesse andstructure - a delight - violets, blackcurrant, mulberry and ahint of cedar, create an expectation of some very sophisticatedflavours to follow. The palate is tightly knit - no life storybeing retold in a few moments - you'll have to be patient. Thisis a wine with a big future! The palate has superb concentrationof flavours, with ripe berry flavours over spicy chocolateovertones. The mulberry spice flavours persist long into theaftertaste - indicating a wine of exceptional quality. Thetannin structure is fine grained, yet quite firm, butbeautifully balanced for the fruit. A Coonawarra masterpiece.Cellar 10 years.\Z