1993 De Bortoli Noble One Botrytis Semillon (750ml)

New South Wales,
$36. 95
$443.4 Dozen
Closure: Cork

This is Australia's version of Sauternes, although only madefrom Semillon - the real ones use an assemblage of Semillon,Sauvignon Blanc and often a measure of Muscadelle. Noble Onefollows a long line of wonderful luscious stickies produced byDe Bortoli. Bright golden colour with high viscosity. The noseis a delight, rich honeyed apricot/spice with strong raisinovertones. The palate has plenty of weight - rich luscious mouthfeel, filled with ripe spicy honey, apricot, ripe pear and somecitrus notes. The acid is sufficient to carry the sweet fruitflavours of the palate. This is a mouthfilling concentrated winewith very long spiced honey, apricot and raisin aftertaste. Atop example of an Australian Sticky.\Z