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1992 Samaroli Hampden 27 Year Old Cask Strength Jamaican Rum (700ml)

$550. 00 Bottle
$6600.00 Dozen
ABV: 54.5%
Tasting note: [10ml sample] A rum that shows what can happen when careful and superior selection leave their mark: Pure magic. Still caney, profoundly rum-like and astoundingly fresh, the flavours are so beautifully arranged with an orchestral control to the point where language seems pointless. Samaroli demonstrates there are still amazing rums out there to be found, often flying beneath the radar. This is one, with a saturating, sensory attack that ascends two or three octaves before coming back to earth. For sheer length alone, it beats almost any other wood aged spirit. The aftertaste continues well beyond five minutes. One only available.

Built in 1750 and sought after for its powerful, estery, pot-distilled spirit, the Hampden estate is renowned for possessing the best cane lands in Jamaica producing the highest tonne sugar from tonne cane milled. 54.5% Alc./Vol.