1992 Jean Fillioux Millesime Grande Champagne Cognac (700ml)
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1992 Jean Fillioux Millesime Grande Champagne Cognac (700ml)

Cognac, FRANCE
$195. 00
$2340.00 Dozen
ABV: 43%

Jean Fillioux is not exactly a household name when it comes to Cognac. But that's not necessarily a bad thing. As with other small 'grower producers, like Jean Luc Pasquet or Paul Giraud, Fillioux's cognacs are the efforts of a hands-on artisan usually dealing in small production runs, which often translates into a more interesting product. In short, such small houses can offer less uniform but more idiosyncratic spirits that stand out from the corporate pack.

The Filliouxs have often used their distillery to make Cognacs for the big four brands. However, the fruit that grows in the vineyard planted on a hilltop in Grande Champagne, 'La Pouyade', has always been reserved for the creation of their own brandies. The site is located in Grande Champagne's "golden triangle": Verrières, Angeac-Champagne and Juillac-le-Coq, an area known to yield the most delicate distillate requiring long barrel ageing to achieve maturity. Most of the Fillioux cognacs are blended, however, there are some exceptional single estate offerings too. Founded in 1880 by Honoré Fillioux, the company is presently run by his great-grand-son Pascal J. Fillioux, admiringly referred to by his neighbors as the “Magician of Aromas."

Tasting note: [from a 20ml sample] Harvested and distilled in 1992 and matured in brand new loose grain oak casks. Deep amber, some sediment evident. Initial inspections detect marshmallow and vanilla; several minutes exposure lifts the bouquet a notch as pepper, cinnamon and stewed apple-like scents develop, contributing depth and freshness. Seamless and well rounded with a semi sweet harmony of dried fruits, honey, spicy oak and balancing acidity throughout. Finish is accented by slightly astringent oak, thinning out and exiting early. Dilute honey aftertaste. A smooth and relaxed style. 43% Alc./Vol.