1991 The Colours of Rum Uitvlugt 30 Year Old Edition No. 7 Cask Strength Guyana Rum (700ml)
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1991 The Colours of Rum Uitvlugt 30 Year Old Edition No. 7 Cask Strength Guyana Rum (700ml)

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ABV: 68.7%

These very old Uitvlugts can be as intimidating as they are rare. A contrast to the 24 year old Edition No.6, in this expression the focus is on banana cake and icing sugar with secondary notes of lime and fennel. It's a literal tsunami of flavour with a massive, mouthwatering attack that's oily, alcoholic and almost achingly intense in equal measure; there is a subtle sweet smokiness evident alongside baked citrus and tropical fruits, and while there's less of the industrial notes in this example, there is perhaps more grassiness. What's unmistakable is the lip-numbing, ultra-high ABV, so adding water is almost obligatory when it comes to broaching this behemoth. 68.7% Alc./Vol. Non chill filtered. Tasted from a 20ml sample. Collectable.

Other reviews... A funny past here, this baby was all aged in Europe, first ten years in bourbon and the rest in French oak. Wine then, I would suppose? Remember Uitvlugt got closed in 1999. This is from the ex-Port Mourant double wooden pot still that later went to Diamond. Colour: light gold. Nose: the exact opposite. This is grassy and petroly where the Enmore was all on thick raisins. Some burnt woods, fresh paint and putty, 'a Saturday morning at Ikea's' (no meatballs!) some linoleum, engine oil, dry vegetables (eggplants)… And a lot of ethanol that burns your nose and makes your spectacles opaque. Mind you, 68.7% at 30 years! They must have filled at still strength, given that this was aged in a cool climate. With water: the expected anchovies and olives, lemongrass, pickled small artichokes.. Mouth (neat): don't. Like drinking half a bottle of Weak Knees sriracha sauce. With water: I'm happy to report that we got it. Pure, almost crystalline citron liqueur with some oysters and tar. Green peppercorns. Finish: very long and possibly the most vertical old rum I could try. Some lime juice and half a glass of Laphroaig C/S. Comments: they bottled a blade here. Loved this one too but it may give the casual taster a hard time. Oh and no live flames allowed! 89 points - whiskyfun.com