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1985 Delord Bas Armagnac (700ml)

Armagnac, FRANCE
$140. 00 Bottle
$1680.00 Dozen
ABV: 40%
Tasting note: Produced from Colombard, Ugni Blanc & Bacco grapes. Copper with gold hue. Opening sniffs offer sweet leather, roast almonds, hazelnut, toffee apple and an array of spices including cinnamon, clove and vanilla. The robust, spicy palate yields baked apple and raisin flavours followed by a wave of cinnamon, clove and nutmeg. Warming spirit tingle, almost prickly. Drying aftertaste of orange zest, vanilla, nutmeg and old leather. If extraordinary length is one indicator of an extraordinary Armagnac, this is solid but not one of the greats. 40% Alc./Vol.

Other reviews... [1986 vintage] This baby by the very well-reputed house Delord in Lannepax (Gers). It came in different bottles, halves, regular ones, basquaises, magnums… It’s to be remembered that 1986 was a great vintage in Bordeaux, which lies just West of Gers. Mouton 1986, anyone? Colour: deep gold. Nose: deep and rich, full of raisins and prunes as well as maple syrup and honey, going more towards quinces and dried apricots after just three seconds. Behind that fruity arrival, some coffee, tobacco, and echoes of old rancio. A little toasted oak as well. All is fine so far, this is very ‘traditional’ old Armagnac, apparently. Mouth: there might be a little bit of old wood, which a higher bottling strength may have easily counterbalanced, but other than that it’s a very fine drop, drier than expected, rather on black tea, coffee and bitter chocolate, also old oloroso. No no no, this can’t be a sherry cask! Finish: medium, a tad gritty and rustic, but otherwise all fine and pretty chocolaty. Some welcome oranges in the aftertaste. Comments: I’ll keep rambling on and ranting, 40% cannot do such fine drops justice. If you like, ‘anymore’. 83 points - Serge Valentin, whiskyfun.com