1972 Chateau de Laubade Bas Armagnac (700ml)

Armagnac, FRANCE
$375. 00 Bottle
$4500.00 Dozen
ABV: 40%

Bottled in 2021, so approaching the half century mark, this extraordinary value in wood-aged spirits continues Laubade's run of vintage-dated bottlings. The Chateau only release these Armagnacs after a minimum of 15 years of ageing. This goes well beyond that. More than eighty different vintages are currently being matured in Laubade’s cellars. The oldest vintage is from 1888. Each year tells a story dealing with the ongoing climate changes, cask quality and the cellar's temperature - all of which define the vintage identity. A culmination of rich know-how and dedication to quality from three generations, the Lesgourgues family continue to run their own 260 acre property. Planted to Ugni Blanc, Folle Blanche & Baco, each variety is distilled seperately. Notably, Laubade remains alone in coopering their own Gascon oak casks. Sustainable agriculture is also the standard here (manure is produced by 600 ewes).