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Marie Courtin Champagne

Based in the tiny hamlet of Polisot in the southern Cote des Bars region of Champagne, Dominique Moreau is producing some of the most dynamic and striking wines of the area. Naming her estate after her grandmother, Marie Courtin, Dominique has set out to craft Champagnes which emphasise how her specific terroir can be expressed in a given vintage. Her wines then are single vineyard and single vintage, made with meticulously grown fruit from biodynamically-grown grapes, see no dosage, and sulfur is used sparingly or not at all.

As much of the area is best suited to Pinot Noir, the bulk of Dominique's production centres around the Blanc de Noir cuvées of Résonance (fermented in tank) and Éfflorescence (fermented and aged in used barriques). A third Pinot Noir cuvée is the powerful and complex Concordance which is also fermented in tank but sees no sulfur. In addition there are tiny amounts of Blanc de Blancs made under the Eloquence (barrel-aged Chardonnay), and Présence (Chardonnay and Pinot Blanc, no sulfur) labels, along with the macerated Rosé known as Indulgence.