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2020 Super Tuscan Releases (Bibi Graetz, Siepi, Galatrona)

A lot has been said about 'Super Tuscan wines', from their rebellious beginnings against and above ('super', in latin) Tuscany's strict wine regulations to their evolution into a prestigious wine category, 50 or so years into their existence. Not always easy to define due to the lack of an official definition, 'SuperTuscans' share some general characteristics, such as their regional provenance, the large pool of grapes allowed (any variety grown within the region, including international varieties), the use of small French Oak casks and their labelling (the regional IGT Toscana umbrella).

Some of these wines (and the Petrolo Galatrona is a good example) can be described as a 'gateway' for drinkers who enjoy both New and Old World expressions of Bordeaux varietals, as they manage to capture the warmth of the New World as well as a distinctively Old World herbal note, in the form of the tuscan macchia (italian for scrub). In other instances, such as the Mazzei Siepi and the duo from Bibi Graetz, the combination of Sangiovese’s acidity and structure along with Merlot’s plushness deliver youthful enjoyment in spades while showing, at the same time, potential to age gracefully for decades.

What perhaps should be highlighted is what these winemakers have expressed as a result of their relative freedom: the ability to adjust their wines as they see fit, as shown by the selection of Super Tuscan wines on offer here.