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Woods 100 Old Navy Rum (700ml)

ABV: 57.00%

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Guyana is justly famous for its rich, heavy Demerara Rums, named for a local river, which are produced from both pot and column stills. Demerara Rums can be aged for extended periods (25-year-old varieties are on the market) and are frequently used for blending with lighter Rums from other regions. Neighboring Surinam and French Guyana produce similar full-bodied Rums. First served to English sailors in Jamaica in 1655; Old Navy Rum, created for use by His Majesty's armed forces, was a mainstay of British naval life for over 300 years.

Deep brown colour with golden brown hue. Lifted nose of mixed peel, raisins, toffee apple with a hint of shellac. The warm, rich palate is dominated by spicy plum pudding, prune and treacle. Hints of caramelised pear appear in the exceptionally long dry finish.
Best consumed slowly over a few icecubes, Wood's is a particularly powerful example of the style.
57% alc./vol.

Blended and bottled in Southhampton, U.K.

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Bottle: $89.99 Dozen: $1,068.00

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