Wine Shield Pack of 10 Wine Preservers


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Wine Shield Pack of 10 Wine Preservers

$9.99 Bottle

Sharing a bottle of wine amongst two or three people is a wonderful event, however, there are times when a couple of glasses are more than enough. In the past, left over wine could be protected by using a Vacuvin, whereby all the air was pumped out of the bottle. Then there are nitrogen capsules, a rather messy way to protect the wine from oxidation. Many wine lovers simply stick the cork back in the bottle, and if it’s a wine capable of developing, then a couple of days later it will still taste ok. The problem is oxidation which rears its head, if you want to sip the wine over a 5-7 day period. By the end of that time the wine tastes flat and much of the aromatics have long gone.

Australian inventor Barry Rees has developed a new method for keeping wine. The 'Wine Shield' is a simple, inert plastic floating disk that comes with a tong to push the disc down the neck of the bottle. At first glance the Wine Shield looks like it might be used as a fertility device, but once over the initial (amusing) impression, the Wine Shield works a treat. The inert plastic disc floats on top of the wine and moves down as each glass is poured. It is essentially a blanket that prevents oxygen coming into contact with the wine to significantly slow oxidation. Great ideas are always simple! Packs of 10 discs (with inserter included) are a small price to pay when a bottle of wine remains drinkable for up to 5 days.