Un Emile  68 Absinthe (700ml)


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Un Emile 68 Absinthe (700ml)

Pontarlier, FRANCE
$175.00 Bottle
  • ABV 68%
  • Closure: Cork

'Classy, like a turbo charged, complex pastis'.

Les fils d'Emile Pernot distillery was founded in 1890 and is located in Pontarlier, France, the birthplace of French absinthe. It has been family run from father to son continuously up until 2005. In addition to their recently developed absinthes and their premium pastis, the classic Vieux Pontarlier distilled anise, the distillery produces a large range of local liqueurs and eaux de vie, including Wild Strawberry liqueur; 'Pontiane', a gentiane-root aperitif similar but superior to Suze and 'Un Sapin', a forest-scented pine-bud liqueur.

The Un Emile 68 line of absinthes were originally commissioned and developed in conjunction with Liqueurs de France and were the amongst the first modern authentic, commercial absinthes in the world. The distillery has recently changed hands and the new owners have decided to expand their portfolio.
Along with creating the first red French absinthe, the seasonal and unique Un Emile Rouge, they have hosted the development of Absinthe 1797, the first absinthe created by two historians following the oldest known documented Swiss absinthe recipe. Several other exciting projects are forthcoming.

Un Emile 68 is traditionally made to a 19th century recipe by steeping Grand wormwood (Artemisia absinthium), green anise and other plants in alcohol and distilling the macerated charge in an absinthe still. The colour is achieved naturally by soaking plants in the distillate. No star anise is used, which was typical of the traditional Pontarlier absinthe recipes. To best appreciate the complex flavours and louche, it must be properly served by slowly dripping cold water into it, as should all the absinthes from the Emile Pernot distillery.

Tasting note: Very pale green with yellow tinge. The nose is shy at first. Moderate scents of brine, fennel, caraway and tumeric are gradually released, and with warmth the aroma becomes sweeter and more liquorice like. On the palate, juicy liquorice strap flavours are counterpointed by a firm, drying spirit, giving a sense of linear power and elegance. Very clean, gently tingly and warm. Finishes clean and elegant with a long, subtle liquorice all-sorts aftertaste. 68%

Other reviews... Following Pernod’s welcome re-appearance on the market, here’s another from France the home of absinthe to redress the balance of dodgy distillates from Eastern Europe. It’s from Pontarlier, where the first absinthes were made. It claims to be the only company using the original method of placing the flavouring plants in a still and distilling the mixture. Nose: Neat it’s intense, with rooty notes of herbs, fennel seed, mint, citrus peel. Dilute with water and the aroma becomes the back of a herbalist’s store. Palate: Fresh, very dry with violet, dried citrus peel, iris, anise. Strange and enigmatic. Dissolve a lump of sugar in it to remove rooty notes and lift the citrus. Comment: Classy, like a turbo charged, complex pastis. A distinctly floaty sensation after a couple. 68% Alc./Vol. Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.  - August 2002 Dave Broom, Wine Magazine

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