Joseph Cartron Watermelon Liqueur (700ml)


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Joseph Cartron Watermelon Liqueur (700ml)

Burgundy, FRANCE
$49.99 Bottle
  • ABV 18%
  • Closure: Screw Cap

A World class Liqueur now finding its way into many of Melbourne's top bars

A family owned business established in 1882, Joseph Cartron is based in the famous wine region of the Nuits-Saint-Georges in Burgundy, France.

We were privileged enough to be invited to a tasting held by Joseph Cartron in Melbourne where an informative presentation was given. It gave a unique insight into the production process from a quality liqueur producer so we made sure to take some notes to document the occasion.

The process begins with fruit growth which is closely monitored by the production manager up to 4 months prior to harvest for ripeness and sugar levels. When it is deemed ready for picking, the fruits are harvested then preserved via freezing at -18C. This occurs around July each year. The reason for preserving is to suspend the freshness of the fruit as it impossible to produce the finest liqueurs in such a short period of time all at once.
Varietals grown in the region include: Cassis Noir (Blackcurrent), Mure des Roncieres (Blackberry), Framboise (Raspberry) and Pèche de Vigne (Peach from the vine)

Liqueurs are categorized by Joseph Cartron into styles according to the processes and sugar requirements.

1. The Crèmes, whereby fruit is macerated in a vinimatic machine consisting of:
60% Fruit; 30% Neutral Spirit and 10% Water.
Fruit is crushed and finishes in the vinimatic machine where neutral alcohol derived from the distillation of sugar beets is added. The result of the maceration is an infusion of fruit flavours into the alcohol with a good balancing aroma and natural acidity. Crystallized sugar is added to boost the flavour of the fruits, with the marrying process lasting approximately nine hours. Sugar concentration is set as a standard of production for the Crème de Cassis with a minimum amount of 400g per litre, however, Joseph Cartron has a concentration of 580g. For the other Crèmes the minimum amount required is 250g per litre, but again, Joseph Cartron’s typically have a concentration of 330g per litre. All in all, the production process takes roughly 7-10 weeks

2. The Grande Tradition Liqueurs, produced via Blending or Distillation.
Depending on the fruit type, it is either distilled or blended. Fruits such as Mandarin (distilled using the peels) and Cocoa bean go through this process. Distilled to a relatively low alcohol volume, 130g of sugar per litre is then added. Other fruits are blended using neutral alcohols and sugar. Concentrated fruit juices are also added to produce the final product.

The featured Watermelon liqueur is made in the Grande Tradition style and works a treat in cocktails like ‘the Meadow’ below.

Cocktail Recipe: Meadow

12.5ml Joseph Cartron Watermelon liqueur
25ml Orange Vodka
110ml Champagne
12.5ml Cranberry juice

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