Go Shu 40 Premium  Sake (720ml)


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Go Shu 40 Premium Sake (720ml)

New South Wales, AUSTRALIA
$39.99 Bottle
  • ABV 16%

Sake has been known since the dawn of civilisation and probably since rice was introduced to Japan from the Asian continent about 2000 years ago. It is an alcoholic beverage produced from rice in much the same way that beer is brewed from wheat and barley, but is termed a rice wine because its alcohol content is similar to some stronger wine styles, and consumed as wine. Sake has had an honoured role throughout the evolution of Japanese society. In early times, sake drinking was an integral part of celebrating the harvest and was offered to the gods when praying for peace and prosperity. The name was derived from sakaeru which means, "to prosper or flourish," and, in toasting, sake signifies, "the water that will bring you prosperity."

Sun Masamune currently produces several styles and varieties of sake under the Go-Shu Brand. All styles would fall under "HIYA" category, meaning that these sakes are designed to be best when consumed chilled or at room temperature. Some may also be consumed "Atsukan" style being heated to around 50…C, in a traditional "Tokkuri" or sake flask and served between 35C to 40C into a "Ochoko" or porcelain sake cup.

Sake is at its best when enjoyed with food, be it traditional Asian or Western cuisine. When tasting sake for the first time always cleanse your palate first with a beer or by swilling and swallowing the first mouthful of sake and then returning to sip and enjoy the delicate fruity and somewhat spirity notes. Often first time sake drinkers only take a small sip and with sake being a natural palate cleanser, all they really taste is the mouth acid on the tongue. This first time experience is not always the most enjoyable taste sensation. Sake sits mainly on the back palate as too with beer, whereas most grape wine is centre or front palate in taste sensation. Sake, unlike most wine, contains no histamines, sulphites or added antioxidants, and is non allergenic. It is also suitable for diabetics because of its negligible sugar content and when of high quality is virtually hangover free.

Go-Shu 40 is the connoisseur's sake made from the highest grade of milled Japonica rice ( milled to 40% of original size ). Such a high degree of milling produces the smoothest, clean-tasting, aromatic and flavoursome sake available. Go-Shu 40, with a high level of aromatics, is best enjoyed chilled. Match with foods as per a Sauvignon Blanc or Semillon. Sensational with Lobster Sashimi and Uni (Sea Urchin) or simply enjoy with your favourite fruit and cheese platter. 16%Alc./Vol
Notes sourced from www.sun-masamune.com.ausize>